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About Us / History

It all came together one evening after a strenuous kickball game at a bar in Broad Ripple, Indiana. I pulled up to the bar on my Ducati 848, and as I sat down to greet my teammates, I placed my AGV Agostini replica helmet with a gold screen on top of an old light pole next to the table. The helmet was positioned so the light pole seemed like a body, and it looked as though it came to life and was staring at me! We all started to talk to the helmet as if it were joining our conversation. A friend made a comment that it would be great to have hair coming off the back of the helmet to look even more lifelike. It was at this moment that I said, 'Well, how about a mullet!' Hence the company MotoMullets™ was born. I then started living and breathing the life of a mullet; how it would attach, what colors it could be, and how it would lay or blow in the wind. I often visualized the mullet and helmet coming together; the hair would lift from the shoulders and softly whip around in the breeze. What a beautiful, feathered and lethal sight you just don't see today!

This was the inspiration to study the mullet market and companies who make them. I soon realized nothing of the sort existed as an accessory for any type of helmet! After a year's worth of research, an initial investment, thanks to Grandma, several meetings with attorneys, trademarks, and many evenings of beer and multiple sketches of the most appropriate design, I now have my first order of MotoMullets™ resting in my basement ready to be distributed to the discerning mullet enthusiast!

During the last year I realized I am also supporting a good cause by promoting helmet safety. Since one must wear a helmet to enjoy the qualities and attributes a mullet provides, I needed another branding idea! After countless ideas of what this could be, I decided 'Safety first. Tail second.' would be the appropriate MotoMullets™ motto to support helmet safety. This product supports a lifesaving tool and may only be enjoyed when one wears a helmet!

Please support my small business and buy one for yourself and two for your friends. I owe a big thanks to Matt Garten, FBB (the kickball team), NG and SG for their beer drinking support, product modeling, and testing during the creation and evolution of the product that is MotoMullets™.

MotoMullets -- Safety First. Tail Second