MotoMullets™ - Installation Instructions

Installation Instructions

Step #1
Open package and remove the MotoMullet™.

Step #2
At this time you may wish to curl, tease, cut or shape your MotoMullet™ any way that suits your personal desires.

Step #3
Lay MotoMullet™ flat and carefully separate the two pieces of hook and loop material.

Step #4
Carefully remove red pieces of tape from each piece of double sided bonding tape.

Step #5
Apply bonded side down to underside of helmet. Press firmly on each area with both hands on underside and on top of material so the high bonding tape is securely bonded to all areas.

Step #6
Attach MotoMullet™ to the secured piece of hook and loop material.

Step #7
Put on your helmet and enjoy the qualities and attributes a mullet may provide!

MotoMullets -- Safety First. Tail Second